Glossary of termsΒΆ

an action is a Python script which is executed during the bootstrap process.
an attribute is a variable that holds a value. attributes are used in order to customise the behaviour of actions which are executed during the bootstrap process.
a definition is a YAML file that contains a collection of all actions (and associated attributes) which need to run during the bootstrap process in order to fully provision a node
neighbordb is a YAML file which contains a collection of patterns which can be used in order to map nodes to definitions
a node is a EOS instance which is provisioned via ZTPServer. A node is uniquely identified by its unique_id (serial number or system MAC address) and/or unique position in the network.
a pattern is a YAML file which describes a node in terms of its unique_id (serial number or system MAC) and/or location in the network (neighbors)
resource pool
a resource pool is a is a set of resources which can be allocated on the server for the clients. For example, a YAML file can provide a mapping between a set or resources and the nodes to which some of the resources might have been allocated to (the nodes are uniquely identified via their system MAC).
the unique identifier for a node. This can be configured, globally, to be the serial number (default) or system MAC address in the ztpserver.conf file