Release 1.3.2

(Published March, 2015)

The authoritative state for any known issue can be found in GitHub issues.

Bug fixes

  • Prevented .node file from becoming corrupted on the server (298)
  • Added .node filename to server-side logs (297)
  • Change refresh_ztps script default to “master”

    Refresh_ztps will, by default, update the installation to the latest released version. Previously, the default was to the development branch which may still be accomplished with refresh_ztps --branch develop.

  • Fixes to RPM packaging:

    • Quieted chcon during install (295)
    • Fixed issue where config files may not be kept during upgrade (296)
    • Fixed issue with native rpmbuild due to changes in handling VERSION (294)
  • Documentation updates:

    • Troubleshooting chapter (272)
    • Additional content in the ZTP Server Cookbook (289)
    • ZTP Server benchmarking results