ZTPServer Overview

ZTPServer provides a bootstrap environment for Arista EOS based products. It is written mostly in Python and leverages standard protocols like DHCP (for boot functions), HTTP (for bi-directional transport), XMPP and syslog (for logging). Most of the configuration files are YAML based.

This open source project is maintained by the Arista Networks EOS+ services organization.


  • Extends the basic capability of EOS’s zero-touch provisioning feature in order to allow more robust provisioning activities
  • Is extensible, for easy integration into various network environments
  • Can be run natively in EOS or any Linux server
  • Arista EOS+ led community open source project


  • Dynamic startup-config generation and automatic install
  • Image and file system validation and standardization
  • Connectivity validation and topology based auto-provisioning
  • Config and device templates with dynamic resource allocation
  • Zero-touch replacement and upgrade capabilities
  • User extensible actions
  • Email, XMPP, syslog based